about Lucie Guerre

Lucie Guerre is the published author of the poetry and photography collection known as “Soulstice”. She writes short stories, poetry, and novels. She has been writing for over twenty years and also dabbles in the arts by creating collage art, taking pictures, and painting.

This is where you will find her poetry, short stories, and excerpts of her novels. She is a dreamer and a believer in the possibilities of beauty. She has been searching for meaning since she was young and is constantly striving to better herself.

She always felt as though she belonged in a different era. She loves the sound of typewriters and the music of records dancing on record players. She has read the work of Kerouac and Ginsberg and feels at home in the worlds they created.

You can find samples of her works here.



Author. Artist. Dreamer. Romantic. Hopeful. Cynical. Paradoxical.

I read my horoscope on my birthday. I am the kind of girl who dances in the rain, who walks everywhere she can, but who doesn’t own a bicycle. I like to create art, but I don’t know if I have a talent at it. I believe I can change the world, but I know it will take me time. I believe I can help people, but it will take one person at a time. I love the smell of cigarettes and coffee. I’m not afraid of the dark, but I don’t like vacuum cleaners.

I write to better understand myself.