Broken-Hearted Love Song: Day Four of a Poem a Day

This prompt comes from a poetry contest I entered a while back. I am changing the poem to be something new though.

“Write a vignette-style poem based around “Lover’s Eyes” by Mumford and Sons, “Let me Down” by Kelly Clarkson, and “I Almost Do” by Taylor Swift.”


The pebble in my shoe don’t cause me to hobble.
(It was once a gift from my beautiful bride.
She had said, “something to remember her by.”)

I asked her why I needed to remember
when all the beauty of the world stared
me straight in the face, directly in the eye.

We were stubborn and oh-so-beautiful.
We were fearless and oh-so-strong.
(I could bend iron with my teeth, my love was so ferocious.)

These ghosts dance in her memory.
They waltz in my wake,
but their dancing shoes leave treads on my soul.


Your memory is like a ship I rode upon when I was young.
Your face is just like a photograph I remember holding onto.
(Your body reads just like a love letter; I eagerly anticipate each word.)

I believed you when you said those three little words.
Every time you said “forever”, I swallowed the promise.
I didn’t bother to read the fine print because I didn’t know.

Love is for sale, love don’t come easy, I asked her
why we’d need to remember when the world stared us in the eye.
These ghosts dance in her memory, these ghosts leave a crater.


I’m exhausted from the ghosts dancing in my skull.
I’m weary from walking with this pebble buried in my shoe.
My throat aches from the broken, the shattered promises.

I should be asking a thousand questions, but I’m scared of
her well-rehearsed lines, her well-timed lies.
I should be begging her to come back to me

but I know loneliness never wears well.
(It’s like an ill-fitting suit with wrinkles in the cloth.)
I still love, but now, instead of ferocious, it is tepid.

“Lover’s Eyes” – Mumford & Sons

“Let me Down” – Kelly Clarkson

“I Almost Do” – Taylor Swift


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